Echoes from the Loom

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BETWIXT Lancashire life as it is so often erroneously pictured, and the actual reality of the life itself especially in the case of the humbler classes an exceedingly wide gulf exists; and were it for no other purpose than that of attempting to remove the false impressions of the County Palatine thereby created, the author feels that the publication of this work would be fully justified.

    Alexander Pope, in his great metrical essay, tells us that

"The proper study of mankind is man!"

and as one who steadfastly believes in this axiom, and, also, in faithfully "holding the mirror up to nature," the author has allowed nothing to find a place herein which is not the direct outcome of practical philosophy, or of actual observation.  True, his fancy may at times have soared above the world of fact; but it has never roamed beyond the realm of probability.

    In the pages of this volume he has endeavoured to describe, in the homely tongue of his native county, the virtues and failings, the hopes and ambitions, and the joys and sorrows of his fellows; but, in so doing, he has neither attempted to gloss over their faults, nor to magnify or unduly extol their better qualities.  His object has been to depict the toilers of Lancashire as they ARE, and he hopes to be looked upon as having accomplished his task successfully.

    To the many friends whose kindly assistance and co-operation has rendered it possible for him to publish, in its present form, this collection of his poems, the author tenders his heartiest and deepest thanks; and, in conclusion, he begs to state that should this volume meet with the same cordial reception at the hands of the public as did its predecessor "Bits o' Broad Lancashire" fourteen years ago, he will be more than satisfied with the result of his labours.

Rochdale, Christmas, 1902.



Th' Vagabond Son

Be Jannock

Owd Darby's Mare

What Could aw Say?

Monda' Mornin'

Th' Witches o' Pendle

Th' Owd Wag-bi-th'-wo'

London: fro' t' Monument

Allus Speyk Eawt what yo think


Changin' His Mind

Little Neddy's Prayer

Heaw Joe Tinker saved his "Bate"

A Ramble i' t' Country

In a Sweater's Den

Ther's Summat gone wrong wi' eavvr Joe

Th' Owd Teycher

Gooin' Eawt a-Mayin'

Weyvin' Up

Eawr Teddy's a Sowjer Bowd

When t' Childer's Asleep

To t' "Cotton Corner" Crew

Keep on t' Look-Eawt

Th' Parson's Deed

Come, Raise Thoose Droopin' Een

A Peep at Mi Birthplace

Th' Owd Postmon


Monda' Afternoon

Mind Who Yo Pick for Yor Friends


Trickin' th' Owd Barber

Off to t' Top o' th' Hill

Th' Stranger i' t' Bars

Th' Owd Village Inn

Gooin' to t' Fair

Aim to do t' best for yorsels

At my Father's Grave

Th' Cricket on th' Hearth

Yon Musical Folks at t' Next Dooar

Th' Pride o' Rachda' Teawn

Th' First o' May

Owd Cronies

A Ramble i' t' Lancashire Lanes

Giles Bumbleton's Dummy

Th' Bonniest Seet uv o

Th' Owd Clothes Box

Dick Pringle's Kesmas Hamper

Eawr Childer

At the Grave of Tim Bobbin

Why should monkind be so cruel to mon?

Yon Mally

Th' Owd Singer

Eawr Nell's bin axed eawt for t' first time

Jim Trueman's Trust

Th' Joys o' Winter Time

Th' Owd Corner Cubbort

Yo're Treydin' on Dangerous Greawnd

Nell Morton's Pluck

In Memoriam: Edwin Waugh

A Toffy-Neet "Buzz"

Some Folks 'at are nowt i' mi Way



A Neetmare Romance

That Young Chap 'at Weyves across th' Alley

Th' Owd Doctor

Dunnot Stan' in yor own Leet

Vanquished Heroes

On an Owd Folks' Treat

A Peace Offerin'

To t' New Year, 1903


A Song of Cheer

Healey Dell

In Memoriam: Samuel Laycock

How Trooper Baxter Died

"To the Memory of Burns!"

Night: A Reverie

The Loss of the "Drummond Castle"

In Memoriam: Queen Victoria

If Sorrow were a Captive

The Gipsy's Prophecy

Stanzas, on the Death of President Mc.Kinley

Maid of Lodore

Norcliffe Wood, Styal

A Coronation Ode



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