William Lovett: Miscellanea (2)

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Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle.
(20th May, 1832)

THE FAST-DAY RIOTERS.―William Benbow, William Lovett, James Watson, James Evans, Thomas Platt, and Charles Griffiths, were tried at Middlesex Sessions, on Wednesday, for riotously assembling together on fast-day; and, after a trial that lasted the whole of the day, were acquitted, amidst the acclamation of their friends.  This prosecution ought never to have been instituted, and reflects no credit on those by whom it was brought forward.  Some allowance must be made for the excitement in these times.  We cannot, however, praise the wisdom of those who, by their folly, gave cause for the proceedings against them.  Their meetings could have been productive of no possible good, and might have led to mischief.



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