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Reproduced by courtesy of
Tameside Local History and Archives

A Night in a Workhouse: Critchley Prince's own experience.  From the London Monthly Magazine, July, 1841.

Sketch of the Author's Life: from the 5th edition (1850) of Prince's first poetry collection, "Hours with the Muses."  This article is a reprint from an unspecified and undated (probably 1841) "Provincial Periodical."  In common with Gerald Massey and William Billington, Prince was born into a life of poverty, also receiving what little formal education to come his way at a "Sabbath School."  Each were voracious readers.

Random Thoughts on Poetry: an essay taken from (the 5th edition of) Prince's "Hours with the Muses."

A letter to the Editor of Home Magazine seeking an opportunity to submit poetry and/or prose to the magazine as a paid contributor.  Prince cites his poem, "A Plea for Women" which, together with his address (Brook Street, Hyde), suggests that the letter was written around the year 1856.

Autumn Leaves: a brief review from the Examiner, 1857.

Opinions of the Press.

A Lancashire Poets' Corner: from an 1881 edition of Fraser's Magazine, in which J. A. Noble draws interesting sketches of several members of the Manchester school of poets as it existed in the 1840s.  Samuel Bamford, Elijah Ridings, John Bolton Rogerson, and John Critchley Prince are mentioned.

Summary of the life of John Critchley Prince, compiled by Stuart Smith, great, great grandson of Critchley Prince's sister, Sarah.

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Poem: A Nights Thought

Poem: One Angel More (Page 1; Page 2; Page 3)

Poem: Star of the Household (Page 1; Page 2)

Poem: The Mountains (broadsheet)

Letter: October 1848 (Page 1; Page 2)

Letter: 23 March, 1849 (Page 1; Page 2)



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